What is coaching?

Coaching is a process whereby an individual engages with a coach to set and work towards clear, motivating goals. It is an empowering process and coaching is one of the most effective ways to lift individual and team performance to new levels, in an entirely sustainable way.

How does the coach work with the client?

The coach acts as a catalyst and by using targeted questioning, active listening and constructive challenge, encourages new levels of understanding and an appreciation of different perspectives and insights.

The coach actively seeks to build the client's level of self-awareness and stretch their personal frames of reference, helping them become more aware and open to new or different options and possibilities. In doing so, the coach may help the individual to confront and address negative or limiting self-beliefs which are holding them back.

What happens in a coaching programme?

Coaching sessions are semi-structured and confidential. They can take place in the client's offices, a neutral location or even over the telephone. The coach works with the client to specifically develop and increase their own levels of resourcefulness, by focusing on their own innate strengths.

Over time, the client becomes increasingly capable of resolving issues themselves and moves forward to action without the coach's assistance. The client always makes the final decision - the choice of what actions are taken and changes made is ultimately theirs and has to be. They are always in control and have full responsibility for their own progress.

Coaching benefits

The client organisation can benefit from coaching in the following ways:

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