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Much of our work on troubleshooting and managing change increasingly employs a holistic, systems thinking approach. This allows us to identify emerging patterns and key inter-relationships, which can help predict the likely response to or impact of our interventions. This can provide powerful leverage for change and improvement and, we believe, leads to more sustainable outcomes.


Wildcat One offers valuable resources for your business, providing support in the form of business advice, consultancy services or interim management.

Our highly qualified and experienced professionals hit the ground running and are very adept at ‘getting under the skin’ of an organisation quickly and efficiently in order to understand the issues and identify the problems. We’ll work closely with you to assess what needs to be done and help you implement an effective solution.

The following examples outline how Wildcat One's experienced trouble-shooters can help you:

Problem Solving:

Managing Change

Additional Resources & Provision of Expertise

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