Wildcat One works across a wide range of sectors and with organisations of all sizes - from FTSE 100 companies and large public sector organisations, to SMEs and charities.

Why Work With Us?

We believe we offer a strong track record of delivering good results and happily our clients agree.

Our first customer survey sought feedback from a number of our clients, selected at random. The results confirmed that clients like working with us for the following reasons:

100% of those clients we surveyed said they were very satisfied with the work Wildcat One had done and would be happy to work with us again (and have done so since this survey).

We were rated particularly highly for expertise, professional know-how and judgement, good quality work, reliability, professionalism and our ability to establish trust and credibility at all levels quickly.

Wildcat One will be seeking to do customer surveys on a regular basis and will publish the results on the website and through our updates.