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Are you thinking of making an acquisition in order to achieve growth? Perhaps the market you are in is consolidating and strategic mergers are the way of increasing market share?

Whatever the reason, Wildcat One can help you succeed: which is pretty crucial when, on average, 70% of mergers and acquisitions fail to achieve the benefits and value originally sought from the deal.

We will work with you, providing advice and/or resources, to help plan and deliver the implementation of the integration phase. This is essential in realising the overall value of the deal and for organisational and shareholder expectations.

Working with clients across all sectors and all business sizes, our rigorous yet flexible approach offers highly beneficial resources in the following areas:



Wildcat One has sound experience of helping make mergers work across the private and public sectors. We use a rigorous yet flexible approach to achieve successful integration in a timely way. We also work with companies to help them prepare for sale/divestment.